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Theyve been there 20 years ever since her husband, Odysseus, marched off to do impressive battle in the Trojan War. Once there were 100 men wooing Penelope from the bottom of an empty pool on her estate. Now, there are just four. And theyve all had the same dream: Odysseus is on his way home and he will rip their spines out and roast them on the broken barbecue that mysteriously joined them at the pool bottom a few years back. The only way to be saved: If one of them wins Penelopes heart before he returns, Odysseus will have nothing left to fight for. Christopher Johnson directed this piece so that the mens machismo and vulnerability hold hands without ever feeling false. He shaped a play that moved with a rhythm and gave it space so that the words are as heavily in the air as the mens lust for the beautiful Penelope. All the men are decked out in skimpy Speedos. The swimsuits make them vulnerable, while their words and actions do everything possible to make them seem the mighty warriors that Penelopes husband is.

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REUTERS/Yves Herman 2/2 By Toby Sterling | AMSTERDAM AMSTERDAM The Dutch election has centered on the fight between the two hard right candidates, anti-Islam maverick Geert Wilders and Prime Minister Mark Rutte, but the leader of the Christian Democrats has crept to within striking distance of topping the poll. Sybrand Buma's Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) is all but certain to participate in the next governing ชุดว่ายน้ําคนอ้วนราคาถูก coalition, regardless of who wins, and Buma even has a long-shot chance of becoming prime minister after Wednesday's vote, given other parties' refusal to work with Wilders. The latest polls show the right-leaning, low-profile Buma trailing Rutte's VVD by 4 percentage points and just 1 point behind Wilders' PVV, on a rising trend. He could command around 20 seats in a fractured 150-seat parliament. Since Feb. 24, the CDA has gone up in every one of the 11 polling updates in a poll of polls - the only party to do so. Buma told Reuters all the pre-election talk had been that "this campaign would be about a rivalry between Rutte and Wilders. What's left of that dual? We are getting stronger every day and the chance that we are the biggest on election day is very real, and no one is expecting it." Buma has gained ground by adopting a tough line similar to Rutte's on immigration, adding a focus on communal values and a touch of nationalism to tap voter concerns about Dutch identity. He has proposed introducing singing the national anthem in schools and mandatory community service, but supports remaining in the European Union and keeping the euro currency - albeit with some reluctance.

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