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promotional mug Yet when it first tried to launch in China it failed . The difficulty of competing with local rivals meant that in 2006, a mere two years after entering China, it was forced to admit defeat and shut down its main website in the country. Instead it formed a joint venture with a local partner to help operate an online auction business in the country. Critics say it failed to recognise that having a strong เบอร์มงคล ตามวันเกิด US brand would not automatically translate to success in China. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Airbnb boss Brian Chesky has rebranded itself in China in a bid to make the home rental firm more appealing Home rental site Airbnb is already trying to avoid that mistake, recently rebranding itself as "Aibiying" in China . The name translates as "welcome each other with love", and the company reportedly said it would be easier for Chinese people to pronounce. One of the frequent criticisms of globalisation is that it is eroding countries' distinctive differences, making cities everywhere look more and more similar. From Germany to the United Arab Emirates to China you can visit the same shops, buy the same furniture, eat the same food, watch the same programmes and listen to the same music. Chris Hirst, European and UK group chief executive of advertising agency Havas, says firms expanding overseas have to overcome people's natural antipathy to this. "People don't like the idea of a global phenomenon.

Our technology is a multi-staged system meaning that having no online presence is not a hindrance to joining us, likewise we provide a suite of options that integrate with existing online stores Atkinson says Our preference is for all retailers to be on our app, as the premise is for the app to be the go-to place for looking up items, but this can be done in conjunction with a button option on an existing online store. Benefits to the retailer include Leveraging costly physical store estate. Improving ROCE of store estate. Reduction in costs associated with fulfilling online orders. Reduction in return rate and associated costs. Reduction in merchant fees. Ability to conduct micro-regional marketing. Ability to react in real-time to events in respect of pricing (surge pricing). Access to the social media platform for regional influencers Cost wise Jetz-t is very reasonable- Joining the app is 200 ($250) per annum and a flat fee of 2($2.50) per order (0 for orders below 15 ($12)). Additional costs include one-off fees for supporting the creation of product data and integration with existing online stores, these however are optional.

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