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Circuit Court Judge Craig Brown sent the jury away and secluded himself in his chambers for over an hour. He returned and announced that the jury would be instructed to disregard Downings statement. I instruct you to disregard this improper and inadmissable evidence, Brown told jurors. It cannot be a part of your decision-making in any way. Manigault has been a registered sex offender since 1996 and was arrested hours after Mitchells body was found because he was wanted for failing to register as a sex offender. Downings testimony joined the testimony of nine others, including members of the Beaufort County Sheriffs Office, the Charleston County Sheriffs Office, the Bluffton Police Department and Beaufort County EMS; a forensic pathologist; Mitchells grandson Derrick Bolden; Mitchells friend Helen Warren; and Filipe Pinckney, a man who lived near Mitchell. Stone said in his opening statement that Manigault was found with a backpack belonging to Mitchell with her jewelry inside, along with money with blood on it. He was wearing Mitchells ring on one of his fingers, Stone said. Mitchell, he said, was beaten, raped and choked prior to her death at her 16 Buck Island Road home. Stone also said that Mitchell had traces of Manigaults flesh under her fingernails and that Manigault had ชุดนอนเซ็กซี่ราคาถูก blood on his underwear when he was taken into custody. Campbell told the jury that shoe impressions left at Mitchells home were never compared with the shoes Manigault wore, and that semen found on Mitchells nightgown did not belong to Manigault.

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