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Another essential. It gets cold at night and even if you’ve had a few ciders, it’s never nice to wake up freezing. 3 - Roll mat. And while you’re at it, bring a roll mat. Sleeping on the hard ground is not as comfy as it sounds (and it doesn’t sound comfy anyway). 4 - Blow-up pillow. A cheap buy that can make those nights slightly more comfortable. Plus, they hardly take up any room at all in your bag, which reminds me. 5 - Backpack. No, I’m not talking about the huge hiking bag you’ve packed everything into (we’ve presumed you already have one of those). No, we’re talking a backpack you can sling on for the long day of band-watching ahead.

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Jan's Thrift Shop more than a store for past 50 years

Jan “She’s a mom.” Shevlin died in 2014, but her spirit and rapport lives on through Jan and Mark. The original countertop and the cash register remain in the shop. The cash register no longer works but serves as a reminder of where the business has been. As the counter has remained the same through 50 years, so has the relationship with customers. A couple came in to buy some pots on Thursday and only had cash. The store wasn’t open yet and the Hansens couldn’t make change since they hadn’t gotten cash yet. The pans were priced for $12, the couple had $11 in cash. Jan told them that’d be good enough. “The greatest part of this business is the people,” Jan said. Being around for 50 years leads to some familiar faces coming through the doors on a regular basis. “So many of the customers keep coming back to talk to Jan,” Mark said.

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