Some Growing Opportunities In Deciding Upon Primary Factors Of Online Fashion

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According to respondents who purchased from an international retailer (47%), 43% were driven by lower prices nd 36% wanted unique products not found from U.S. retailers. “The lines that separate domestic and international retailers continue to disappear,” said Alan Gershenhorn, chief commercial officer for UPS. “Retailers are now competing across the globe. In order to win, retailers can distinguish themselves by providing value through personalized experiences.” Personalized experiences includes the physical store. Many online shoppers find stores important to touch and feel products (59%), solve immediate problems (54%), receive superior customer service (52%), and participate in rewards/loyalty programs (52%). Half of shoppers (50%) have used ship-to-store this year, of whom 44% made additional purchases in store, and 41% plan to use ship to store more often in the next year. The use of smartphones continues to be an increasingly important part of the shopping experience online and in physical stores. Eight in ten online shoppers use retailer apps, often preferring apps to websites because of faster speed and a better user experience.

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